I state that they do not need to be precious jewels Nov 8th, 2018   [viewed 3 times]

November 15, 2017 - I imagine that you will share here too, because many like, but many, despite having them white & black wedding dresses, do not know how to wear them: I'm talking about the jewel brooches, or broches, those beautiful jewelry especially in XXL version, shiny, full of rhinestones and gems, very often pure costume jewelry, but they can make an entire outfit shine.
It seems easy to wear them, but it is not so obvious. I state that they do not need to be precious jewels: they need to shine, to be extravagant, to be noticed. Let's see together some ideas that can inspire you.
Jewel brooches: on the chest, classic

Perhaps this is the most obvious point where to apply a broche. How to remedy this fact? Simple: applying more than one! Let them be colored, glittered, in short, they must be seen. Of course (and this applies as a general rule), the rest of the look must be clean and sober, so yes to the denim jacket, yes to the white shirt, yes to the bon ton dress. Everything will be embellished by the brooch. Then, ça va sans dire, the other jewels must be small, not to say non-existent. If the broche is on the chest or collar (see at the third point), banish necklaces and earrings. At most bracelets or rings, even oversize (or bracelet or ring, and only one, I recommend!)
Jewel brooches: at the waist or on the pockets

To embellish a little dress that would otherwise be a bit too classicotto, peg the broche at the waist, center or side. I really like it if the colors are similar to those of the dress, if they take them back in some way, but they are fine also in contrast. In the case of the bon ton dress, I see well the kind a little 'baroque, those pins very rich to understand each other, often with a floral or animal theme.
If long sleeve evening dress, on the other hand, you have a coat that maybe needs an old coat, apply some pins to one of the pockets: you will see how it will change instantly! You can also achieve a similar effect by sewing buttons: they must be shiny and bright as if they were jewels, however, otherwise they will have an old lady effect, so be careful.