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Split is a vibrant city with a beautiful old town and a busy calendar of cultural events that will never make you bored. But the real attraction of the city is the Diocletian's Palace, a magnificent example of Roman architecture that - to the detriment of the name - does not consist of a single palace tulle for wedding, but in a suggestive citadel of intersecting streets.

Finally in Istria there is Porec or Porec: the perfect destination for those who can not stand still. This bustling city will surprise you with its vitality, which during the day takes the form of numerous water sports and at night that of the music played in deejay clubs of international renown ... and who said that once married you do not have fun anymore ?
If you are kind of funny wedding phrases and your new life as a husband and wife will be in the name of freedom (together) that you say? Do you believe that a honeymoon in Croatia can be right for you? We bet you can not wait to send wedding invitations with directions to contribute to your honeymoon in Croatian land!

The Plitvice National Park is simply beautiful, with its 16 emerald green lakes forming waterfalls and rapids surrounded by lush forests. You can explore it on foot using a system of wooden walkways over 18 kilometers long!
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