the moment when the wedding dress will be worn Jan 10th, 2019   [viewed 2 times]

In this article we will review the highlights of the wedding, focusing on those moments that can turn into the perfect setting for shots between mother and daughter: the moment when the wedding dress will be worn; the emotion during the ceremony lace cocktail dress white, while the sentences will be pronounced by marriage; a quick change of dress or a remake of the bride's makeup in view of the final moment with toast and cake cutting.

1. Face to face in the rite of preparation

During the home preparation ritual, the mother of the bride is almost a co-star of the moment. In the light of the spotlight on her daughter, there will be an addictive performance anxiety in receiving the various guests, arriving home to honor the bride, combined with her starring role in fixing the veil on her daughter's hairstyle, or buttoning those tiny buttonholes that run down the back of a mermaid wedding dress. In these moments so full of emotion and anxiety, the photographer will have to be a careful scrutineer in grasping those moments of pure complicity between mother and daughter.

2. Celebrating love
The ceremony is the most emotional moment; here most of the shots will be addressed to the couple but it will be impossible to divert the lens from a mother who accompanies her child to the altar or from an extremely emotional mother while the spouses are pronouncing their sentences for the marriage promise or during the sign of peace. Maybe in this case there will not be sharp close-ups but faces blurred and covered by clinex cocktail dresses, or hands that cross to demonstrate the intense bond and all the love between a mother and a daughter.