your own dress among the endless proposals of our orders Dec 5th, 2018   [viewed 14 times]

The moment of the choice of the wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most dreamed and the most emotional, as well as the most delicate tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses for sale, for the brides and for those who accompany them. Almost two hours when the bride knows she is choosing how to appear in the most important moment of her life, the day when all eyes of relatives and friends (and enemies) will be on her. Here that day becomes a moment in which stress and emotions come together confusing ideas even to the most confident women and their choices.

A dress, only one wedding dresses for sale, the most important.
In our Atelier we are committed to giving due importance to this moment and using all the sensitivity to make the bride feel in a protected and friendly environment.

The collection of clothes and the undisputed expertise of our orders, seamstresses and owner Angela, have made this place the reference point for many brides.

And this is where the dream begins. The bride, with mothers, sisters, sister-in-law, friends, grandmothers and fathers in tow, will be accompanied in a test room by one of our shop assistant, a "fairy" will take care exclusively of the lucky bride who will begin to tell about herself , of his love story, and then of the image he dreams of having on the day of the fateful yes.
After that you just have to choose your own dress among the endless proposals of our orders, who will advise you to the best also to complete and make perfect your wedding look.

Typical oval veil, single-layer with high edge embroidered or lace. It simply sticks to the head and reaches the ground. Very romantic and a little 'special, it goes well with a simple dress to slip, better yet mermaid.